If you like, you can read all this stuff in Russian

What is this?

For now, this is a kind of my personal blog and it is intended to provide you (personally you!) with interesting information about magic world of NLP (aka Natural Language Processing) and other miraculous stuff. By the other miraculous stuff I mostly mean mysterious domain called Data Science. In the blog, I try to post things without too much math&formulas and simple enough (but not primitive!) for readers with no or little mathematical background.

I write posts here both in English and Russian, but now I experience a lack of time, so I don’t update English version at all 🙁

Things I write in this blog are usually based on various solutions I came across, some short notes I excavate from my pile of notebooks, and materials from MOOCs I take. However, sometimes I write here just some amusing stuff that is not connected with NLP and Data Science (and even Data Mining!). It happens, because I have absolute power over this blog and this kind of power corrupts absolutely 🙂

Who am I?

Everything around is just vanity of vanities and the asymmetric dualism of the linguistic sign (c)

I work in Embedika as CTO and Big Data research center at NUST “MISIS” as Deputy Science Advisor

In my spare time I enjoy:

  • sleeping,
  • relentlessly increasing my level of proficiency,
  • contemplating the evanescence of life,
  • talking to smart people.


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Post Scriptum

Once you’ve read so far, maybe you can advice me what to write next? Or, say, leave here a cheering comment? Or even you may drop me a couple of lines so we could talk about science and evanescence of life?